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If you’re planning a cruise withCarnival Cruise Line,you might wonder whichcruise shipto book for your next cruise. Thus, we have researchedCarnival Cruise Shipsby age, newest to oldest, size, and weight, and we have included many interesting facts aboutCarnival Cruise Line. Some because we are geeks and love a bit of history.

Notably, it’s also great to know not only theCarnival Shipsby age and size to help you decide if you want to stay on a newer Shipwith all the bells and whistles and aroller coaster or an oldervessel. We have also includedpassengernumbers andCarnival Cruise Shiprenovation dates.

Carnival Cruise Ships By Age, Size,Passengers (2024) - Cruising For All (1)

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Carnival Cruise Ships By Age And Size, Newest To Oldest 2024

(Originally Costa)
Mardi GrasExcel202152821735180,8001,130ft
Panorama Vista201940081450133,5001,055ft
FreedomConquest 2007201929801150110,000952ft
Miracle Spirit2004 2020212493488,500963ft
Glory Conquest 2002201029801150110,000952ft
Spirit Spirit 20012021212493088,500963ft
Was Destiny

What WasCarnival Cruise LinesFirst Ever Ship?

The very firstCarnival cruise shipwas theMardi Gras. However, she wasn’t built for the cruise line but was the first ship for the newly formed Ted ArisonCarnival Cruise Line.Mardi Grasstarted sailing forCarnival Cruise Linein 1972, and ever since, Carnival has expanded quickly, creating more exciting and innovative ships as time has passed.

Carnival has recently named one of their newer ships Carnival Mardi Gras in a loving nod to their first ship. The original Mardi Gras was around 27,200 gross tons and held 1240 passengers, which is tiny compared to today’s ships, such as the new Carnival Mardi Gras, at 180,000 gross tons and holding 5282 guests.

Carnival Cruise Ships By Age, Size,Passengers (2024) - Cruising For All (2)

How Many Ships DoCarnival Cruise LineHave?

As of 2024 and after selling 6 of the fleet in the last couple of years but also expanding the fleet,Carnival Cruise Linehas 27 ships in service or on sale to book.

Which is the NewestCarnival Cruise ShipIn 2024?

The newest Carnival Ship is Carnival Jubilee, Gross Tonnage: 183,521 Length: 1130 feet Beam: 137 feet. With a Cruising Speed: 17 Knots Guest Capacity: 5,374 (Double Occupancy)
Total Staff: 1,735. However, Carnival has also added 3 Costa ships to the fleet, Carnival Venetia, Firence and Luminosa.

Carnival Cruise Ships By Age, Size,Passengers (2024) - Cruising For All (3)

Carnival Cruise Ships By Age New To Old A Glance And Which Ships Have Been Refurbished?

  1. 2024- Carnival Firenze ( Moved from Costa)
  2. 2023 – Carnival Venezia
  3. 2023 – Carnival Jubilee
  4. 2023 – Carnival Luminosa
  5. 2022 –Carnival Celebration
  6. 2021 –Carnival Mardi Gras
  7. 2019 –Carnival Panorama
  8. 2018 –Carnival Horizon
  9. 2016 –Carnival Vista
  10. 2012 –Carnival Breeze, Refurbished in 2017
  11. 2011 –Carnival Magic, Dry Dock Update 2021
  12. 2009 –Carnival Dream, Refurbished in 2017
  13. 2008 –Carnival Splendor, Refurbished in 2019
  14. 2007 –Carnival Freedom, 2019
  15. 2005 –Carnival Liberty, Refurbished in 2016
  16. 2004 –Carnival Valor, Refurbished 2021
  17. 2004 –Carnival Miracle, Refurbished 2020
  18. 2003 –Carnival Glory, 2010
  19. 2002 –Carnival Conquest, Refurbished in 2017
  20. 2002 –Carnival Pride, Refurbished in 2019
  21. 2002 –Carnival Legend, Refurbished in 2019
  22. 2001 –Carnival Spirit, Dry Dock, New Carpets 2021
  23. 2000 –Carnival Radiance(2021) Was Carnival Victory
  24. 1999 –Carnival Triumph,Renovated and named Carnival Sunrisein 2019
  25. 1998 –Carnival Paradise, Refurbished 2018
  26. 1998 –Carnival Elation, Refurbished 2020
  27. 1996 –Carnival Sunshine, Upgraded from Carnival Destiny in 2013 and Renovated in 2019

What are the Biggest Carnival Ships

The largest Carnival Cruise Ships is Carnival Jubilee with a gross tonnage of 183,521 followed by Mardi Gras and Celebration. At 344.4m in length with a gross tonnage of 180,000, Mardi Gras and Celebration are almost 2.5 times heavier than Carnival Ecstacy and Sensation, which are the smallest ships in the Carnival Fleet and carry over double the amount of passengers.

  • Carnival Jubilee, at 344.4m in length with a gross tonnage of 183,521, which is tiny compared to Icon of the Seas, owned by Royal Caribbean, at 236,857 GT and currently the biggest cruise ship in the world.
  • Mardi Gras and Celebration follow at 182,800 GT and 1,130ft long.

Carnival Cruise Line also has Carnival Jubilee, due in 2023, which will be the same size as Carnival Celebration.

Carnival Cruise Ships By Age, Size,Passengers (2024) - Cruising For All (4)

Which are the Smallest Carnival Cruise Ships?

  • Carnival Paradise at 71,925 GT, 855ft long and carrying 2124 passengers at full capacity.
  • Carnival Elation, 71,909 GT, 855ft long and carrying 2190 passengers at full capacity.
Carnival Cruise Ships By Age, Size,Passengers (2024) - Cruising For All (5)

Which Ships Have Carnival Acquired From Sister Company Costa Cruises?

There has been a reshuffle within the Carnival Corps, and Costa Venezia, Costa Firenze and Costa Luminosa have moved over to be part of the Carnival Fleet.

Carnival Cruise Ships By Age, Size,Passengers (2024) - Cruising For All (6)

Which Carnival Ships Have Been Scrapped Or Sold

A sad part of global cruising pausing in 2020/2021 is that cruise lines sought to economise. This means that most cruise lines had ship casualties. Carnival sold or scraped 4 of its fleet. However, also spend funds upgrading the existing fleet.

  • Carnival Inspiration, July 2020
  • Carnival Imagination, out of service March 2020
  • Carnival Fantasy, out of service July 2020
  • Carnival Fascination was Sold to Century Harmony Cruise and renamed Century Harmony
  • Carnival Sensation was sold to be scrapped in 2022
  • Carnival Ecstasy, was sold for scrap at the end of 2022 and was beached at the scrapyard inAliağa, Turkey.
Ship ClassYearPassengers
Carnival Cruise Ships By Age, Size,Passengers (2024) - Cruising For All (7)

I hope all that information on Carnival Ships has helped book your next Carnival Cruise Vacation. Or you wanted to know Carnival Cruise Ships By Age because you were curious; we spend a lot of money cruising, travelling and thinking about the cruise industry, and sometimes it’s just great to know a little about behind the scenes.

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Carnival Cruise Ships By Age, Size,Passengers (2024) - Cruising For All (2024)


What is the largest ship in Carnival 2024? ›

As of January 2024, the largest Carnival ship by size is the Carnival Jubilee, which joined the fleet in December 2023.

What is the average age of passengers on a Carnival cruise? ›

Cruises do not discriminate against the age of the passengers. People of all ages are allowed to board the cruise ships. It also provides a list of fun activities that people of all ages can engage in to make their vacation exciting. However, the average age of passengers who travel on cruise ships is 47 years.

Which cruise line has the oldest passengers? ›

The cruise lines that attracted the oldest passengers were mostly river cruise lines. Among major ocean cruise lines, Holland America Line also attracted an older passenger base, with an average age of 64. The luxury brand, Oceania Cruises, had an average age of 64.1.

What is the oldest Carnival ship in use? ›

The oldest ship in Carnival's fleet is Carnival Sunshine. When she began sailing in 1996, however, she was Carnival Destiny and was the first cruise ship to ever exceed 100,000 gross tons. In 2013, she underwent a major refurbishment and was renamed Carnival Sunshine.

What is Carnival's smallest ship? ›

What is the smallest Carnival ship? The smallest Carnival cruise ship is Carnival Elation, the line's second-oldest vessel. At 71,909 gross tons, it carries just 2,190 passengers — less than half the amount accommodated on ships in Carnival's Excel class.

What age group cruises most? ›

So, let's unpack the above a bit more. Sure, the majority of traffic overall is driven by 55–64-year-olds, confirming that the priority target audience for the cruise industry is very much the 'older' generation. But before you say, “we told you so”, there are some interesting things to note too.

What age is free on cruise ships? ›

How do my kids qualify? Kids sail free is a limited time promotional offer that allows for guests 12 or younger to receive a free cruise fare.

Who is the target audience for cruise ships? ›

What is the target market of cruise ships? According to Cruise Critic, cruise ships are generally geared toward adults. Most cruises target retirees, but more and more are looking to reach elder Millennials in their mid-40s.

What is the best cruise line for over 60? ›

The following cruise lines offer the top bucket list sailings for seniors and retirees.
  • Windstar Cruises.
  • Viking.
  • Uniworld Boutique River Cruises.
  • Crystal.
  • Oceania Cruises.
  • Holland America Line.
  • Azamara.
  • Cunard Line.
Oct 13, 2023

What age is considered senior for cruises? ›

Many of the major cruise lines including Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruise Lines and Norweigan Cruise Lines offer Senior Citizen Rates for guests age 55 or older. Senior Cruise Discounts are typically available on last minute cruises when cruise lines need help filling the last remaining cabins on their ships.

How do seniors live on cruise ships? ›

Maintenance-free living

Friendly full-service staff attend to the details while you LIVE your retirement! Choose your accommodations from various private stateroom configurations - featuring twice-daily housekeeping. Instead of mowing, vacuuming or washing dishes, enjoy a spa day at sea!

What is the newest Carnival cruise ship in 2024? ›

In spring 2024, Carnival Firenze will debut, setting sail from this homeport towards south-of-the-border fun along Mexico's Pacific coast!

Is Carnival a black cruise line? ›

Carnival, Holland America and Royal Caribbean ships seem to lead the pack in terms of the brand names that are often associated with black cruise sailings.

What Carnival ship was just retired? ›

Carnival Sensation (1993-2022)

Carnival Sensation becomes the fifth Fantasy Class ship to be removed from service -- and scrapped. Maritime news site Tradewinds reported on February 15 that Carnival Sensation has been sold for scrap to interests in Aliaga, Turkey.

What is the largest cruise ship in the world in 2024? ›

Royal Caribbean International – Icon of the Seas: 248,663 gross tonnes. Weighing 248,663 gross tonnes and measuring 365 metres (1,1967 feet), the Icon of the Seas is the largest cruise ship in the world. Christened on 23 January 2024, the Icon has a maximum capacity of 7,600 passengers and 2,350 crew across 20 decks.

What will be the biggest ship in 2025? ›

This is an artist's rendering of Royal Caribbean International's Star of the Seas, which is now under construction in Finland, and is scheduled to debut at Port Canaveral in July 2025. It will be the world's largest cruise ship. Four Royal Caribbean ships currently sail out of Port Canaveral.

Which ship is bigger Carnival Breeze or Vista? ›

Carnival Vista is only slightly larger than Carnival Breeze -- 133,500 gross tons vs Breeze's 130,000 -- yet has one additional passenger deck and carries 246 more cruisers (for a total of 3,936 passengers, compared to Breeze's 3,690, when sailing at double capacity).


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